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Garfield Park Conservatory Wedding : Jordan + Dan

August 26, 2016

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Garfield Park Conservatory Wedding : Jordan + Dan



Hello all!! I am officially starting a blog and what better way to start then having Jordan and Dan's wedding as my first post. I happened to meet Dan at a coffee shop that had just recently opened in my neighborhood called Two Hearted Queen about a year ago. There was an event being held there and we were both there for other reasons then wedding talk. Fate brought us together that night just as fate brought Dan and Jordan together. They booked one of my wedding packages that included many sessions that allowed me to get to know them and build such an emotional connection with them this past year leading up to their wedding date. They held an amazing wedding that was packed with so many wonderful moments that I am excited to share with you all. 


Their day started at the beautiful InterContinental hotel on 505 N. Michigan Ave.


Both Dan and Jordan had separate suites to get ready in.



Jordan didn't pick a traditional white dress but a pink one! It was such a perfect color and was a perfect fit for every scenario of her day. As you will see in the photos of her day it went perfectly with everything! Future brides take note because you do not have to have a white gown for you wedding day. 


Gorgeous floral arrangement done by Hoot and Holler.  The groom custom made this beautiful heart engagement ring for his future bride. So very unique and perfectly done. 













This garter was very special. Worn and passed along in the family. This was definitely not a garter that was tossed at this wedding but a beautiful heirloom passed onto future generations to come.




















It quickly became real when the final touch was put into place. Jordan is a modern dancer and I love how she has her hands positioned as her veil is being placed.



















































































Jordan loved her dress and said she would love to wear it everywhere. I can't blame her. She picked out the perfect dress and it should be used as many times possible. She looked stunning. 




























For the first look we chose to do it at the Wrigley building. Neither one knew any details of what they planned on wearing. He had no idea her dress would be pink and she had no details of what his suit would look like. Jordan gave Dan the freedom to design his own suit which was a bit scary cause his favorite color is orange. She thought an orange suit would be possible coming from him so she told him it had to be grey but he could do whatever else he wanted with it.




They both didn't want to see any part of each other's outfit till the reveal. So placing them in position,  we had Dan already in place and brought Jordan in with an umbrella that prevented her from seeing where I was placing her. I loved this idea and got the pleasure of holding her hand leading her to Dan. As we walked down Michigan Ave everyone couldn't help but stop and look at her. She was surely a stunning bride. She captured everyone's attention. As we got closer to Dan he could hear us but had no idea what was happening. So this is for you Dan. This is how we got Jordan to you!




























Of course Dan had to have orange somewhere in his suit. 

Her reaction was priceless. 



After first look we took some Mr. and Mrs. photos around the city. On our way back to the hotel to catch our shuttle we had an unexpected surprise.

Um, yes you see correctly. A singing gorilla!!!! So of course we had to stop and jam with him. As we left, he played their wedding song unknowingly. Just another sign on that day that these two were meant to be. 

 We then hit up the Bean and Buckingham fountain before making our way to Garfield Park Conservatory.




The Bean is always crowed with people. I decided to shoot this while getting cozy in a nearby bush. I am sure I looked crazy as I was doing this but it gave me an amazing intimate mood during a time the bean was highly congested with people. The clouds came in at perfect timing to set the mood to a dramatic one. 



Storms where in the area but stayed away while we were here giving us one dramatic sky. It also made Jordan's dress blend in beautifully with her environment. I'll take dramatic clouds any day over sunshine!!






Jordan showed off her dance experience and flexibility with this amazing yoga pose.

The wind picked up and help set up the perfect scenario for a veil shot. Mother nature knew what she was doing the whole day and timing of it all couldn't be more perfect. The clouds and wind then went away as we headed to Garfield Park Conservatory for their outdoor wedding ceremony.




When we arrived at Garfield Park Conservatory, we took more pictures and signed the Ketubah before the ceremony began.

If you haven't been to Garfield Park Conservatory, it's worth a visit. This place is magical and full of so many different rooms, very kid friendly and has amazing outdoor spaces as well. This has quickly become a favorite place for me to visit.








A Penny artist created this well into a special wishing well for the couple.