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Stevie :: Chicago Lifestyle Newborn Session

Meet Stevie aka Stephanie Golda. She is the sweetest baby girl that I have been anxiously awaiting to meet ever since her mom and dad broke the news to me they were expecting. I met her dad at a networking event that was hosted at a coffee shop near my home a few years back. I admit my intentions for going to the event was not for networking at all but just to meet some of my neighbors in my neighborhood. It led me to meet her father Dan. As we did some small talk, I found out he was newly engaged. From there our conversation blossomed into all things engagement sessions and weddings. My visit to the event ended up being about work after all. Dan, who was there for work, ended up not networking for his business but for a personal matter. Ha! Shortly after the event I met his beautiful fiancé Jordan. It led to them choosing me as their photographer to capture their big day and the rest is history. The best thing that came out of this though was their friendship. I have had such a wonderful time getting to know them through these past years. They have once heck of a story that binds them together. I fell in love with them and then their amazing family. Some people are placed into your life you are just meant to meet. I believe just as these two were suppose to meet, I was also meant to meet them too. So fast forward to now........They just had a baby!!!!! And she's a beautiful baby girl!!! Having two girls myself, little girls will always have a soft spot in my heart. I of course was thrilled to meet her. She was so petite and moved so delicatly. I was obsessed how she moved her little hands. Her mother is a dancer and I believe she has already inherited her mother's talents.

Little Stevie is definitely loved and I am going to love watching her grow. Come take a peek into our session.

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